SONOC’s Insights are a combination of value-added solutions aimed to detect, prevent and manage risks in real time.

We offer valuable insights by gathering transactional data from all of your business applications:

Powerful data discovery

get the correct answer in almost real-time.

Reduced time to market

reduce deployment times and increase pricing flexibility.

Connected data applications

have a complete picture of your whole business.

Friendly interface-applications

all the modules that compose the solution are accessible to the user by means of logical, and intuitive Web User Interfaces.


Platform to oversee and facilitate mobile banking & transactions by offering monitoring, measurement, real-time data collection and processing capacities. This solution allows users to closely monitor the mobile money market evolution together with the compliance with laws and regulations of the country.


Solution for monitoring and controlling revenue losses through report generation oriented to the analysis of users’ behaviour and statistics from the operators’ database with detailed, aggregated and consolidated data on all transactions generated by each fixed/mobile user connected, on an ongoing basis.


Platform designed to turn the telecom data into recommendations and revenue growth through advanced analytics and report generation on how the data is being used in the network, thanks to a powerful dashboard for optimized data-driven network security.


Service that allows the monitoring of international incoming, outgoing, and national off-net voice traffic (mobile, fixed and IP), by gathering, transmitting, consolidating, and processing the voice signalling messages from the networks, and also allows for the invoicing of international incoming traffic.